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[Summer] ISSJ Summer School 2017 "Do you need a scholarship?

[Summer] ISSJ Summer School 2017 "Do you need a scholarship?

School report]ISSJ Summer School 2017"Do you need a scholarship?

International School of Science Founding Project (ISSJ)

The second term of application for ISSJ Summer School 2017.

Please apply now, first application deadline is 30th Apr.

The second term of application period starts from 1st May until 30th June 2017.

1) In the second term of the application period, the application with scholarship is not available.

2) The application with a scholarship request will be accepted during the first term of application which will be ended on 30th April 2017.

This extension is due to requests from respective countries by considering their schedules of exams and academic terms at schools.

Summer School 2017


Summer School 2017 Application Form 申込 Summer School 2017 Theme Where Do We Come From, Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Heading? “D’où venons-nous ? Que sommes-nous ? Où allons-nous ? (Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Whe...

Who ISSJ is

We will produce future scientists and innovator from Japan who will solve problems in society and create a new world

International School of Science Founding Project (ISSJ) is a project that aims to establish a private international school in Japan, which focuses mainly on science related subjects and students' research projects.

Our main curriculum will focus on science related subjects. On top of that, we will also emphasise on presentation and international communication skills which will help students to widen their field of research and their understanding of how the industries work.

We aim to build an international learning environment with students from different countries around the world, we will teach them the knowledge and skills to become successful scientists in the future.

Two Main Characteristics of ISSJ


“Science can change the world”

Science has the power to materialize dreams. It’s an engine of creation. Science makes real the things that people wish they had. They design the future and make it a reality. The strongest weapon is the power of science. It goes beyond time and place and is a universal language. The International School of Science is different because it produces students that use science as a weapon to achieve their dreams and solve problems.


“We are all different, and that’s cool”

People understand their values once they encounter people with a different value system than theirs. When they interact with people different from them they can think about who they are. We will welcome many international students at ISS. Also, all Japanese students will live in the dormitory as well, and these students will come from all throughout Japan. We will bring in students that were raised in all different kinds of environments. We allow student to hold and keep their unique system of values. We respect and recognize their different values at ISS.

International School of Science Founding Project (ISSJ)

name Inetnational School of Science Founding Project (ISSJ) / Katsuiku educational Foundation
URL http://science-school.org
Representative Ryuichi Nomura
address 106, 1-21-14 ebisu-nishi shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan



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UWC ISAK Japanの説明会が6月5日に東京ウエストインターナショナルスクールで開催!

UWC ISAK Japanの説明会が6月5日に東京ウエストインターナショナルスクールで開催!

UWC ISAK Japanの説明会が6月5日に東京ウエストインターナショナルスクールで開催されます。本校だけではなく、広く東京西地域にお住いでISAKに興味のある方を対象としたワークショップと説明会です。東京ウエストインターナショナルスクールも6月に説明会を開催します。そちらの説明会日程も掲載されています。




【英国名門校とは?】歴史と歩むパブリック・スクールとイギリスの大学 秦由美子氏講演より

【英国名門校とは?】歴史と歩むパブリック・スクールとイギリスの大学 秦由美子氏講演より


4/20(土)UWC ISAK Japan の説明会とワークショップが世田谷区のSUPER GLOBAL 二子玉川校で開催!

4/20(土)UWC ISAK Japan の説明会とワークショップが世田谷区のSUPER GLOBAL 二子玉川校で開催!

インターナショナルスクールの専門家が集結し、塾、プリスクール、アフタースクールを運営するSUPER GLOBAL Projectは、創立記念イベントを二子玉川校で4月20日(土)に開催します。こちらのグーグルフォームからお申込みください。 https://forms.gle/aSsCv5M2JouQQqjB6

【特報!】英国の名門ハロウ 2022年8月スキー場、ゴルフ場に隣接したインターナショナルスクールが日本開校へ!

【特報!】英国の名門ハロウ 2022年8月スキー場、ゴルフ場に隣接したインターナショナルスクールが日本開校へ!